A "Merchant of Hope" is one who has a positive impact on those who have lost hope or never had it. On Merchant Radio, Dr. Crystal Kuykendall hosts a weekly show on Voice America Network where she inspires, informs and encourages "Merchants of Hope" to take requisite action to improve schools, develop productive youth & more caring citizens as national challenges & social issues are addressed. Magnifying the Power of Merchants of Hope radio broadcast is must hear radio because it provides the understanding, motivation & passion needed by caring and committed "Merchants of Hope" & will empower a worldwide audience to facilitate personal growth, educational success, human productivity & positive youth development. Dr. Crystal Kuykendall will Magnify the Power of Merchants of Hope, along with outstanding guests who'll address the critical issues of our time. Tune in to Magnifying the Power of Merchants of Hope, broadcast live every Friday at 7PM (EST) on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.