Educator, Attorney, Human Relations Expert and Powerful Presenter

I am pleased and excited to have you visit my website. Here you will find wonderful information about me and many of my endeavors. You'll also find information on my lectures and presentations, as well as some of my service activities. You'll learn more about my books, especially my national best seller, From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black & Hispanic Students, tapes, and many of the products I have available for parents, school officials, mentors and those who are just good at heart.

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About Crystal
Crystal Kuykendall has often been referred to as "phenomenal", "insightful" "inspiring"! As a gifted and gracious public speaker with a professional history that goes beyond her title of 'expert', Crystal is a powerful figure in the field of human development. Multifaceted, Crystal is also an author, former talk show hostess and the creative driving force behind the concept of "Merchants of Hope", which she developed.

Since 1989, Dr. Kuykendall has been speaking annually to over 150 audiences ranging in size from a few dozen to several thousand. Her lectures, presentations, workshops and speeches have been heard around the globe on 4 continents. Dr. Kuykendall has addressed numerous issues and topics of the day through extensive interaction with a broad base of clients who have shared an array of concerns. Click here for the roster of presentations she has given in the past, as well as a glimpse into the top five speeches that are most requested.

Products and Resources
Through the company she founded in 1989, Kreative & Innovative Resources for Kids, Inc. (K.I.R.K), Dr. Kuykendall produces and distributes multimedia visual and audio products, her best selling books and programs as well as Merchant of HopeŠ products. A Merchant of HopeŠ is an individual who has risen to the challenge to make a positive difference in the life of another by planting "hope" and self-belief. Order here.

Community Service
Dr. Kuykendall believes in the transformative power of caring communities. Some of her community service endeavors are shared here.

Merchant of Hope Radio
Read about upcoming and past shows including topics, guests and tweet feeds.